AWS Data Centers are Power Guzzlers

The recent spate of Data center expansion across the US by AWS reflects the increasing need for more compute, storage & networking. The spurt in demand is obviously due to GenAI, video streaming & other power hungry services. GenAI is in its infancy, however its consumption of resources be it storage, compute & network is enormous that the backend infra required to support it is proving costly for the environment. Its now forcing energy companies to turn away from clean energy solutions such as wind and solar towards conventional power thats readily available as the legacy power plants havent been turned down. The reflects the fact that self regulation will not work, only external enforcement agencies can bring some change to this landscape in my perspective. In the era of climate change thats caused a lot of impact affecting people & property , should power hungry services like video streaming, GenAI be considered as a necessity or a luxury ?
Should regulators look at all IT services under this lens to take a call ?
is GenAI really sustainable ?
Looking forward to views from this forum on this topic

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