Employee Termination / Asset Recovery


I have a request ticket to recover a laptop for an employee that was terminated. However, the manager wants to keep the asset, but want it to be reimaged so that he can use it for the new employee who is starting new job next week.

What process do you have in place for this scenario? How do you handle the asset recovery ticket and how do you ensure that the computer gets assigned to the correct person using the computer if they haven’t started working at the company yet?

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I would refer to your legal department about the policies backup/data retention. We don’t reassign assets because each one requires review for data detention by our legal department.

From an ITAM perspective, the computer should come back to ITAM for reuse evaluation (should it be reused for another user or disposed), reimaging, and being securely held in a stockroom, ready to be issued to the next user for proper tracking.