New Solution for E-waste: Repurpose Devices Into Processors

In October of 2022, Interesting Engineering reported that the international waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) forum estimated that 5.3 billion mobile phones would go to landfills in 2022 alone. This is an incredible amount of waste that is often toxic. Now, researchers from the University of California San Diego are seeking to do something about it by redeploying the discarded devices as working processors. You can read more about this story here:

Hi Mr B & everyone;

I am a big fan of giving devices a “2nd life” by donating them to charitable causes (2 for 1 on ESG!).

For Phones in Australia, it’s and Ashton Wood is very happy to share their experience providing this type of support to DV shelters & services if there is interest elsewhere.
I haven’t come across another service like it.

For computers, for #digitalinclusion (this hastag will bring up many similar charities in your local region).

You can always go ewaste refining in an urban mine! Press | Mint Innovation is soaking up ewaste from across Australia.

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