SAM team - how to divide/ assign vendors

How do you assign software publishers to different people in your team?
I need to come up with some logical way of doing this, instead of randomly assigning them based on who has capacity.
Dividing by technology/ category makes sense, but I could also do it by cost, complexity, no. of renewals, provisioning process, etc.
How do other teams out there handle this?

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Hi @fjonklein

You can carve it out multiple ways:

Top Ten or Top Twenty Spend Vendors - depending on the publisher will determine how many people you can assign per vendor. If your publisher footprint is large, additional people can be assigned.

You can break them down by enterprise, mid-tier and then the smaller publishers.

You can also divide them by on-prem vs. SaaS

You can divide them by platform: end user device software vs. infrastructure software

You can even break them down to the OS level if you wish.

Just some options.



Hi @fjonklein
you might also consider dividing your list of software by yearly spend combined with Tiere1 or Tiere2 definition on publishers so you only spend time on those with potentially high audit risk.



Thanks all,
I have the big $ spend publishers (MS, IBM, Oracle etc) assigned to individual people already, and given their complexity I would rather not shuffle them around too much.
It’s the mid-spend publishers (of which I have over 100) that I am finding it hard to divide up.
I’m still trying out a few ideas to see if anything works.

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