The Right to Repair is Long Past Due - This Spaceship Earth (article)

We live in a world where waste has been planned into the equation. There is no waste in nature - waste is a design flaw unique to humanity and the right to repair is long overdue:


Thought-provoking article. The right to repair movement seems like a crucial step in the right direction, as it tackles e-waste, resource conservation, and climate change. I find that emphasis on repairability and supporting companies committed to recycling quite inspiring. Great read!

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Great read, concept is not new as correctly called out in the article. It only takes looking back a couple generations to see how this was done. I practice repair, fix at home which I find is becoming harder due to “Non-repairable” purchases or parts. I read at one time that companies sometimes build in obsolesce into their products to ensure sustained revenue, starting there feels like help.

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