Windows 10 Support Ending Means More E-Waste

Technology market analysis firm Canalys estimates that in the nearly two-year period until Microsoft’s official end-of-support date for Windows 10 (October 14, 2025) roughly a fifth of devices will become E-waste due to incompatibility with the Windows 11 OS. This equates to 240 million PCs. If these were all folded laptops, stacked one on top of another, they would make a pile 600 km taller than the moon.


Thanks Brooks

I continue to be astounded at the forced consumption model that Microsoft (but not only them) drives with these unilateral end of support activities. If they’d allow Win11 to run officially on more of the older chipsets, this number wouldn’t be so bad.

And this is also an excellent call out to be sure that our Asset Mgmt community is actively thinking about the lifecycle events so as to help our businesses ride this wave smoothly.



If you haven’t done a Windows 10 End of Life Audit yet you need to plan one.
Budgeting for replacement of the impacted hardware needs to begin sooner rather than later.

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