Cores vs licenses, power of SAM, DR servers, Bundling, Inventory - Questions

Please share your thoughts on the matter

  1. Does your tool calculate Cores or Core Licenses?
    e.g. SQL Server/Windows Server - cores used by the server vs license cores needed (including caping rules)

  2. As SAM, do you have any active power over endpoints? If not, would you want to?
    For example:

  • uninstalling software remotely via tool
  • preinstalling from 1 server/pc to another via tool
  • remote wipe/data protection via tool
  1. Can you track software usage on disaster recovery servers? If not, would you be interested in such a feature?

  2. Can you track who did the bundling in the tool (which user bundled what and when, or whether software was bundled by default by the system). If not, would you be interested in such a feature?

  3. Do you have any problems around discovery and inventory?

Thank you!


Hi Aleksander,

  1. Cores or Core Licenses Calculation: Yes, our SAM tool can accurately calculate both the cores used by the server and the required license cores for various software like SQL Server and Windows Server. It takes into account any capping rules you have in place, which is incredibly helpful for ensuring licensing compliance.
  2. Active Power over Endpoints: Currently, our SAM tool does not provide active control over endpoints like remote software uninstallation, preinstallation, or remote wipe/data protection. While it would be convenient to have these capabilities, it raises security and privacy concerns, so implementing such features would require careful consideration and user permissions.
  3. Tracking Software Usage on Disaster Recovery Servers: Yes, our tool allows us to track software usage on disaster recovery servers. This is a valuable feature because it helps maintain compliance even in backup environments.
  4. Tracking Bundling in the Tool: Unfortunately, our current version of the SAM tool doesn’t offer the ability to track who bundled what and when. Having this feature would be beneficial for maintaining transparency and accountability, and it’s something I would be interested in seeing in future updates.
  5. Discovery and Inventory Challenges: Yes, we have experienced some challenges with discovery and inventory. In complex IT environments, it can be challenging for the tool to accurately identify and report on all software and hardware assets. Any improvements in this area would be greatly welcomed as it would make the tool more robust and reliable for SAM activities.

I hope this helps!

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