IT Disposition - Staff Buy Back Program


Has anyone here have a process in place for an employee buyback program for their IT Disposition where a 3rd party is involved in the reselling part?


I stood up one with a prior employer some years back. Key for us removing the company from the transaction. Here’s a summary of a one generic flow.

Device classified as pending disposal (no harvest or redeployment value)
ITAD service picks up, transition status to “Disposed”
ITAD conducted needed checks that moves to scrape/parts or Resale

  • Stage 1 lands on their website for our employees to see (2 weeks) no fees to company for reclaim, resale
  • Stage 2 lands on non-profit of your choice (2 weeks) no fees same as Stage 1
  • Stage 3 hits open market for proceed share

Again key is do NOT managed the resale. Been there, employees will want support, software, etc, remove yourself from the equation but have in terms to offer lower than market pricing as employee benefit. Also do NOT offer “We can sell you your exact old PC” it’s what is, as is available on 3rd party site.


I’ve done what @Bryant suggested, and still have that same program in place. It works well and keeps us out of managing it. From an ITAM perspective and in our system of record, we consider these devices to be disposed.

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