Nearly a Third of Small Businesses Are Tossing IT Hardware Into Landfills—The Reason Might Surprise You


Hi Brooks,

Thanks for sharing this article – it was a real eye-opener for me. I was genuinely surprised to find out that a significant number of small businesses are actually tossing their IT hardware into landfills. I had always assumed that recycling and proper disposal were the norm, so this was quite a revelation. Thought-provoking stuff.

The environmental impact of such improper disposal is definitely a cause for concern. Choosing trustworthy IT asset disposition vendors and checking for compliance standards are definitely steps in the right direction. It’s clear that this is an issue that needs attention…

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Hi Brooks, Noko and all,

As a solution to this problem, we offer “Easy ESG” for ITAD.

ITAMs can just tell us where surplus kit is, then we can sort and fully document on-site if needed. Just authorise, we do the rest.

Each used device given a true 2nd life through refurbishment means a new one does not have to be manufactured. Over 70% of a new computer’s carbon footprint is in its production, every upgraded laptop saving the planet from 150kg+ of CO2 emissions and each desktop 250kg+ of CO2.

New IT equipment uses finite rare-Earth minerals in their construction, often produced using exploitation, child and slave labour. Our workshop provides work experience, training, vocational qualifications and long-term jobs for the young and unemployed.

We were founded by Bill Gates and from our team’s 27 years’ experience, Computers 4 Charity is here to help make a real difference for People and Planet. We supply on to charities and schools across the UK.

However, ITAMs are concerned about data protection. We understand that and can offer UK MOD levels of security. But even then some don’t bother and we find computers in skips in the streets (literally) or the other extreme and insist on the whole device being fragmented. Why?

What a waste!



It is surprising to see companies would still put material in landfill when it is so easy to dispose of properly. A great way to find local companies that are held to a high standard to dispose of not only the material but also take great care with your data destruction needs is look at SERIs R2 list. R2v3 is a standard that many ITAD companies get certified to keep themselves accountable to proper recycling. You do want to make sure the company you chose is certified to the right appendices of R2v3. It is a good place to start.


Good point.

If anyone wants to go even further, with full ESG, then go for a charity refurbisher who hold R2v3 (and ADISA for security in the UK) themselves or through their commercial ITAD partner.

Then the kit can be rebuilt, in the process giving the unemployed work experience, training, IT engineering qualifications and jobs, also giving the devices a true second life through upgrade and then go to schools and deserving causes.

You can then get Social Media feedback from the charities and schools who benefit, with Data Destruction and CO2 Emission Reduction Certificates. These can be used in your Annual Report & Accounts as evidence of your delivering ESG and moving towards Net Zero, for Press Releases, to put out to all your staff, clients and contacts, as well as you knowing that you are doing good.

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