Managed Print Services & Contracts - Post COVID

Hi all,

Whilst working on various HAM implementations for customers, a number have raised concerns about their managed print service and contracts.

Basically, the majority of them are “locked in” for long-term print and printer services for their offices (including things like “follow me printing”). However, they are now moving towards a split working or working from home setup with less need for any of the printers or print service.

They are not their Assets, but rented as part of the service. They are billed annually but tied into a long-term deal. The vendor(s) are not wiggling on reducing the original contract terms. There’s no real “get out clause” other than a hardware reduction of 10% MAX per year.

Any advice on what they can do? One client is even shutting down the office some of the printers are in, so they simply have no use for them!


Ah, I just responded to this sentiment on the other thread, but let me expand here. We bought out the printers we had on lease which gave us the flexibility to further negotiate rates. We shifted to a tiered service structure based on number of pages printed where we have fewer onsite resources with reduced printing. We are also pulling some of our printers off the floor while the workforce is remote to reduce printer support and parts need and also further discourage printing in general.

In the end, if the vendor won’t negotiate, an option might be to eat the cost to back out of the contract and start fresh with a new managed service.

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