Microfocus/Attachmate EULAs

Does anyone have historical copies of legacy Attachemate Eula or Software agreements? I’m specifically looking for v14 for OpenVMS if possible.

Boo.pdf (3.8 KB)

Testing to see if we can actually add PDF’s to the forum.


(Test) Works for me!

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Thanks Kris, if we get a series of these, potentially for other publishers too, I can organise them into some form of Wiki / List somewhere or post them as a sticky.

Love it! Legacy SW agreements are always notoriously difficult to find and you need to take the publisher at their word that things are the same as current version.

yes all good at this end as well

Reflection for HP v 13.pdf (149.0 KB) Reflection X 2011 R2 SLA.PDF (57.2 KB) Reflection X v 14 SLA.PDF (96.9 KB)

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