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Welcome to the ITAM Forum Discussion Board.

Our community is growing in numbers, and we would like to know more about each of our members.

Tell us a few things about yourself…

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  • Something about yourself

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I will go first everyone :slight_smile:

My name is Hernán, and I am the ITAM Forum and the ITAM Forum Discussion Board Community Manager. I have extensive experience working with online communities, and I’m passionate about the growth of this community and very excited about its role in improving the future of ITAM internationally.

I am Spanish, but I’ve lived in the UK for the past 10 years, and some of my passions are playing chess and open water swimming.

And you, what can you tell us about yourself?

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  • Paul Empringham
  • Sales Director for TeamEDA (License analysis for Engineering Applications)
  • I would like to share my knowledge of licensing issues and compliance/renewal strategy on network/floating license daemon based software, mostly CAD, CAx, Simulation, EDA/ECAD, GIS, PLM/PDM, MBSE, BIM, etc. I have a long background in running Engineering System teams for multinationals where I have been involved with many complex license analysis and renewal negotiations. Any questions in this area, please contact me, I will definitely know a manager somewhere in the world running the same software as you with the same challenges!
  • I am constantly frustrated by both the England Cricket team performance in Australia and the rules stopping family ski trips to France for the last two years. I hope everyone is safe during this latest escalation in Covid, fingers crossed 2022 will bring more face-to-face interactions for the ITAM global community.

Hello Paul. Glad to have you on board, this is the perfect meeting point for professionals like yourself.

I’m sure 2022 will be a good year for ITAM (and hopefully for travelling and cricket too!).

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Hello All,
My name is Shannon. I am a computer support technician specialist at a technical college in Wisconsin, USA. I am pretty new to ITAM and have been running the US ITAM Chapter for about a year an a half. I enjoy listening and facilitating the discussion about ITAM and SAM. I would like to gain exposure to methods, procedures, and networking with other individuals in the ITAM space.
I have recently been binging ‘What we do in the Shadows’, and I am loving it!
Thanks to Hernán for kicking this off!

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Hello everyone!

I’m Dan Herrick from the University of Colorado Boulder, where I am the IT Asset Manager.

Like many public universities, our organization is fiendishly complex with a mix of centralized/decentralized IT. We’re also an R1 university, meaning a very high level of research, so we engage heavily with government-funded grant projects, which creates another layer of complexity to the byzantine rules, policies, procedures, and personalities we have to navigate to perform asset management.

I’m hoping to connect with others from similar higher education backgrounds (Hi Shannon!), and learn how other ITAM practitioners navigate this space. I’m also hoping to shed some of my “imposter syndrome” - although I have the title, certs, and some experience performing ITAM activities, I don’t always feel qualified to speak to results. My organization is very new to the concept of ITAM and thus my daily work is more along the lines of education, governance, funding models, and building my team - I feel I don’t get to “practice ITAM” all that much. (Yes, I know those activities are part of it; but sometimes you need to show up with the data to get credibility.)

About me: My education is in journalism and technical communication but my professional career background is IT. I recently (~5 years) made the transition from mostly client support IT to ITAM. I love spreadsheets (who doesn’t?) but equally love writing novels.


You’re welcome Shannon, great that you are here with us!

If anyone is interested in joining one of the ITAM Forum Chapters like the one Shannon is running, they can find out more about them here.

P.S. Loved that movie Shannon!

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Thank you for your thorough answer Dan. I hope this platform brings value in your quest to practicing more ITAM in your communication!

Happy New Year everyone!

My name is James Burson. I’ve been in and around asset management in some formal capacity for 15+ years, in a bunch of national and international organizations. My passion is hardware asset management, and all the fun that entails, but I also have experience with software and a lot of infrastructure topics as well as ITSM. These days I’m a Professional Service Manager over at ITS Partners, which for those who don’t know, is a ServiceNow Elite Partner with a primary focus on Asset Management practices.

I’m here to help offer suggestions & guidance to those who are looking, and to keep myself up to date with evolving best practices and some of the weird situations we all periodically find ourselves in as asset managers. Best part of a community like this - it’s likely that you’re not the first person to run into a situation, and there’s usually a way through!

Lastly, I’m a big Chicago Cubs fan - I was not happy with the selloff last summer, but I’m hoping this turns into something better!

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Thank you James, and happy New Year to you too!

Have you taken part in any other communities like this one in the past?

Hey Hernan - I’ve been a mod/admin in a few online communities (both work and leisure) in the past as well as occasional poster - though not any that were specifically ITAM focused, so this should be fun!

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Thanks James! I’m sure it will be fun indeed! :slight_smile:

Hello all!

I’m Emily - and have connected with Shannon and a few others through the US ITAM Chapter. I was previously at Penn State University, but have recently moved and am now employed at the University of Arizona. I’d like to network with other higher education professionals in this growing field so I can put experience and knowledge from others to good use as I continue to work in this space. I’m mostly interested in the contracting and strategic planning side of things.

Something about myself - I got my degree in music education and taught 5th and 6th graders before deciding I’d rather spend the day with adults. Software licensing and playing music both require attention to detail, focus, and creative problem solving - so while I’m still learning technology, my transferable skills are being put to good use!


Welcome to the Discussion Board Emily! This will be the perfect place to keep using some of those transferrable skills to good use :slight_smile:

Hi All,
James Hatcher
Channel Manager APAC @ Lansweeper

I hope to continue to learn about developments in ITAM and share the challenges faced in the Asia Pacific region as it is a very diverse market with mature IT environments like Australia and developing IT markets like South East Asia and China.

I’m originally from USA, spent my career in Asia, have lived in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and am now based in Sydney Australia.

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Welcome to the ITAM Forum, James!

Sounds like you have lived in some great places by the way, which one was your favourite of them all?

That’s always a difficult question, they have all changed over the years. Taiwan was amazing, Hong Kong dynamic, Malaysia has great food and Singapore was home for many years with 2 kids born there. We love Sydney as it’s a mix of city and nature.

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Hi everyone,

My name is Yann, coming from IT service delivery management, I’ve recently been appointed as Program Manager for all topics related to Inventory Management and ITAM. I live in Nantes in France and I’m trying to get insights and advices about the best practices in ITAM as I’m almost starting from scratch !

I was pleasantly surprised to discover such a community of ITAM specialists and I wish some day I’ll be able to share some useful tips for new members ! :slight_smile:

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Hello Yann,

You’ve arrived at the right place :slight_smile:

For someone almost starting from scratch, as you say you are, what are the main challenges you face?

Welcome to the community!

The first main challenge is to build the ITAM process starting with asset lifecycle definition and state transitions, involving as many key users as possible, setting up communication channels to share the project progress and make it visible to the whole company.

Second challenge is to get resources to build our ITAM tool based on the predefined process and to integrate it in our IT ecosystem.

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