IT Asset Management as a career?

Hi everyone,

I am new to this forum and would like some insight in the world of IT asset management.

I recently got a job role as a IT Asset Management Specialist and was wondering what the future prospects for this role are. I live in Toronto and a quick linkedin search here shows me 2 openings in the field - That’s kind of scary.

Is there anyone that made a career out of this because I kind of enjoy it. Any input would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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Hi KGhani,

Welcome to the world of ITAM! To answer your question, “what are the future prospects for ITAM roles”. I honestly can say “the sky is the limit”. Depending on your interests, ITAM roles go across several pillars such as finance, hardware and software asset management, license compliance, CMDB = configuration management database, vendor management, contract/negotiations, sourcing, and a ton of other roles.

It honestly depends on what you want to make out of your career. Start off by reading/researching and learning as much as you can about the industry. The ITAM Review is a great place to start your journey and understand how deep and wide it really is.

Everyone here can help/assist/guide but it is still up to you to learn as much as you can.

Let us know how we can assist.



I would echo James remarks. I was told early in my ITAM Career need to move into other business areas if I were to advance beyond individual contributor. Couple decades later I’ve added, Lead- Manager, Director and now Global Program owner. Area still challenges and keeps me engaged.




@JamesM Hi there! You mentioned ITAM review is great place to understand ITAM. Where exactly are these knowledge articles? Help me find it please. Thanks!

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Hi there! I’ll jump on this one and share the link with you :slight_smile:

I hope it helps!

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@HernanCM - thank you, kind sir.

@dinamac01 - The ITAM Review has a wealth of information breaking down ITAM fairly simply.

I highly recommend Martin’s Whiteboard Wednesday: White Board Wednesday Archives - The ITAM Review | The ITAM Review

The News articles, webinars, and conferences are on-demand to listen and learn. Keep on learning and moving forward.

Let us know how the ITAM Forum can help you on your journey.



@HernanCM @JamesM I am more specifically governing the HAM lifecycle not so much SAM right now. Will I find HAM knowledge in the White board archives and ITAM review? Thank you both!

Hey I looked at the ITAM review. I felt like the information provided there didn’t really match what I see in the real world.

Like I mentioned earlier. I literally see no jobs in this realm and that does not give me the confidence to pursue a career in it, so I am kind of stuck right now.

Hi James,

Thank you for your response. I see how broad ITAM can be, however my worry is that I don’t see many jobs in Toronto for these set of skills. What should I be searching in linkedin?

Also, can you recommend me any certifications where I can learn the things you have mentioned quicker. My current role is creating processes for hardware assets and its kind of dry. Please let me know.


@kghani - I think it depends on how you are doing your job search. Hardware Asset Management has a ton of variations, such as ITAM, hardware asset, HAM, information technology, platform, etc.

When I did a search either on LinkedIn, Glassdoor, or other job boards, there are remote, hybrid, and other various jobs available.

Some I found are:

My encouragement is to not give up but keep on searching and looking.


I also enjoy podcasts and recommend this one:

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