ITAM Starting Points

Fun questions in the ITAM world:

When did you first get into the ITAM industry? - Year started
Please summarize your first ITAM task/job
What was the most amusing thing you have done in the world of ITAM?
When did you realize that ITAM is not just counting widgets?


I’ll bite!

  1. I started in 2014
  2. My primary ITAM role was managing our copier lease program, including vendor management and internal service to end users.
  3. Ooooh… I’ll have to dwell on this one a bit. I did recently get flagged for trying to buy data card printers for our recreation program because the vendor was concerned I might be a counterfeit artist.
  4. Pretty early on - seeing the impact we can make through efficiencies, continued cost-saving measures, standardized practices, and even accurate widget management was eye-opening.