Any ITAM professionals from Higher Education?

Hi All

I’m Fran [IT Asset, Licensing and Supplier Manager at Canterbury Christ Church University, UK]. I’m new to the ITAM forum and fairly new to ITAM itself. I was hoping to connect with someone who works in, or has previous experince with ITAM in the Higher Education sector. Equally if anyone knows of a forum specifically for HE Asset Management I would love to hear of it!



Hi Fran! Glad to have you here. I am the Asset, Change, and Configuration Manager for Washington University in St. Louis (USA). My odd job title aside, I’m the primary IT Asset Manager for our university. I was the IT Asset Manager for another US university before I moved to this role recently.

There are a few of us HE ITAM practitioners lurking around! Maybe if we get enough people together we can start a forum for HE ITAM. Until then…

What are your biggest ITAM challenges / opportunities that are HE-focused?

For me, it’s the highly distributed nature of higher ed itself. We don’t typically have strong top-down leadership including mandates or policies to support the ITAM program, so we rely on buy-in and cross-departmental relationships that take a lot of tending. In fact, much of my work is simple relationship management more than asset management it seems.

Resources are another challenge - HE is always constrained and ITAM is the very last budget priority.

How about you?

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