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Hi @Yann - welcome to the ITAM Forum and the ITAM community. I will say this, “you will never be bored in ITAM!”

Congrats on your new role!. In previous conversations, start with the IT Asset Management website. It has a ton of articles, best practices and insights on inventory management or HAM = hardware asset management.

Ideally as you start off, define your scope and what the org wants to keep track of. Don’t boil the entire ocean (because you can’t) and limit your scope to assets that has inherent risk (machines with HDs, for example).

Some sample questions on assets:
What systems in IT that can do hardware / software discovery?
Is there a central database that exists now?
How is hardware requested/procured?

Let us know how we can help with your journey,


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My name is Abhijeet from India.
By education I’m a computer science engineer, ITILv3 foundation and Six Sigma Green Belt certified.

I’m into the IT industry for the past 13 years now. I have been into different roles in this professional journey. I started as a L1 IT support analyst, then moved to Application Management (Incident, Problem and Change). In the same project I got introduced to the management of CAD software applications and licenses where I developed my interest.

In the next role, I was leading the SAM portfolio for a major engineering services company where my team implemented the SAM processes from the scratch.

Now, I’m leading the PreSales department of my organization which is a Software License Management product company.

Apart from personal growth, my aim is to spread awareness about the importance of ITAM processes and standardize it across the industry.

Happy to be a part of this platform :blush:

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Hello Abhijeet, and welcome on board!

From your perspective as someone with already 13 years in the field, what do you think is the main challenge faced by ITAM newcomers?

Hello Hernan, thank you for the warm welcome.

As an new ITAM professional who just started with ITAM after completion their college studies, the major issue I had personally experienced was lack of awareness about licensing knowledge, Do’s and Dont’s. I learned it with experience.

The same can be said about the organization which just started their ITAM journey. More importantly, if the priority and seriousness about the ITAM implementation is missing from the Senior Management then everything takes a setback .

However, things are changing in the right direction now.

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Thank you Abhijeet.

Good to hear that things are improving. Hopefully things will keep going that way for years to come!