Microsoft Licensing in VDI and remote desktop server environments

In the below environments how should office 365, Microsoft 365, Project, Visio, and windows be licensed?

  • Virtual desktop Infrastructure
  • Terminal Server/ remote desktop server
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This is quite a complicated question.

  1. Windows Client in VDI:
    a) Does not require Windows Client (Windows 10) licences
    b) Requires end-users or end-points to be licensed for VDA
    b.1) either via VDA licences
    b.2) or SA
    b.3) watch out for CSP specifics (someone please correct me here)
  2. Microsoft 365 is not a licence. it’s a bundle.
  3. Office 365 is licensed per user. Unless you have it (very rarely) licensed per device, you just need regular per-user licences assigned to all users.
  4. Project and Visio - do you mean respective Online licences or traditional Project and Visio licences?

Alexander Golev

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Office/O365 for any large corporation is generally pushed as a user license where each user can install 5 copies, making VDI distribution much easier. For Visio and Project, a recommendation would be to deploy only to the users who need it, not to the entire corporation to save money. In our Win10 image, the two titles are baked into the image, but a user can’t launch the software unless they’re in an AD group that gives them privileges. The AD group is tied to a catalog item workflow in ServiceNow to maintain compliance with the number of licenses owned.

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