Visio & Project subscription usage (from Azure AD)

Hi all,

Does anyone has experience in retrieving usage data from Azure AD for Visio, Project, PowerBI, etc?

I know it’s not a standard feature, but all users must authenticate one way or the other to be able to start the application.

So I’m not looking at measuring usage on a computer, but really to get “sign-in” data. Which should be more reliable then usage data.


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Hi Martijn,

From what I recall, Microsoft does not have any usage data for the tools you mentioned (Visio, Project, PowerBI).

O365 has a portal that has some useful data but is not related to those specific products. In addition, They also have a Microsoft Graph API which does not give you the usage information you are inquiring about.

Usage data is limited to the O365 suite and some minor products (a list of products is in the link).

Hope this helps.


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thanks James, in the roadmap I see the following promising news:

Microsoft 365 admin center: Reports in the Admin Center - Project Usage Report

A new report will be made available to help customers understand how Microsoft Project is used within their organization.

Feature ID: 81960
Added to roadmap: 5/18/2021
Last modified: 2/17/2022
Product(s): Microsoft 365 Admin Center
Cloud instance(s): Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)
Platform(s): Web
Release phase(s): General Availability