Tracking thin clients

What is the consensus on tracking thin clients as an IT Asset?

I’m having a hard time justifying why we should track them. They are cheap and don’t hold data.


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If the organisation has any device licenses, you need to track which thin clients are accessing which software as they are often included within the definition of device.


I second Kylie’s reply. You need a trackable, trustworthy, verifiable number if you have any device-based software deployed in your VDI, Citrix, RDP environments that you access from thin clients.

Active Directory security groups won’t work for the audit/licensing purposes because you cannot control device access with AD groups.

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Also, depending on the model and type of thin client, they may hold some data, such as credentials to connect to network resources, or cached data from a virtual session.

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Thank you for the replies, it all makes sense. I have a good background in hardware but not software. Any pointers on SAM and resources where I can learn more about it?? Thanks.