Microsoft NAV Licensing


I am wondering if we have some Microsoft Licensing Gurus here :slight_smile:
I have a case where we want to have multiple companies in one Microsoft NAV 2018 instance, and that the users from these companies could use the system and share the concurrent licenses.

License terms has a clause which states:


b. Business Process Outsourcing.
You may not use the software to provide business process outsourcing services to your clients or customers. You may however make your Access Licenses available to business process outsourcers acting on your behalf and providing services to your business.

The companies that we would be adding to the solution would be both Affiliates and Franchise companies and Franchise companies do not fall under the Affiliate description (the main company does not hold more than 50% of shares).
Would these companies be treated as 3rd party? and then would them using the system be considered to be Business process outsourcing?

If they cannot be in the same system, what would be the correct way to do it? I just can’t find any possible solutions in the public documentation…

Thank you in advance for the responses and I hope this will also be helpful for others as well :slight_smile:

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