Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services

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we are running SQL Server Reporting Services NOT on the same server as the SQL database (SQL Server Reporting Services = Server 1; SQL database = Server 2). I am wondering if I need a SQL Database license for both, the server SQL SRS is deployed on and the server with the SQL database?
Or is there no additional license requirement for the SQL SRS - Server?

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In almost all cases, any of the SQL ‘Services’ components (reporting, notification, notification, etc) require the same license requirements as SQL Server (database) IF the SQL Server database is NOT concurrently installed on the same device.

From page 19 of the MS SQL Server licensing guide: The software components of a single SQL Server 2019 license cannot be separated. Any OSE running any of the licensed components of SQL Server 2019, requires a license. For example, if the SQL Server DB is deployed in one OSE and SQL Server RS is deployed in another, both OSEs must be fully licensed for SQL Server 2019 accordingly.)
(SQL Server 2019—Pricing | Microsoft)


Thank you very much. That’s what I have expected. The SQL Server Licensing Guide is very helpfully.

I believe that when you install SSRS, it asks for the license key that was used to install the database engine associated with the same edition and version.

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You still must pay again if you install it in a separate OSE or container.