Remote work equipment: company-provided stipend or corporate assets?

After getting through the craziness of the pandemic, many of our companies are facing a larger percentage of 100% remote employees. Beyond the essentials such as laptop, mouse, and headset, what decisions have your companies made about providing office equipment such as monitors and docking station to remote employees? Are you providing stipends or sending corporate assets? Are there different levels of what a user can get if they are 100% remote or hybrid remote?

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Great question, I no longer manage hardware in my role. Tagging to listen in

Going for stipends is considered as simple and straight forward without creating too much burden on the company side. However, the tax implication must be taken into account as some countries consider stipends as subject of income taxes.
Regarding corporate assets, there might be different approaches but the usual way is to create few bundles offered to users in function of their profile/requirements (i.e. keyboard+ mouse + monitor + office chair / chair only / monitor only for 100% remote vs laptop stand + keyboard + mouse/ laptop stand only for hybrid remote) and subject of the corresponding manager approval.

One of my considerations about providing larger corporate assets such as monitors, workstations, or docking stations, is that that is A LOT of equipment to ask a user to ship back when they separate from the company, and that your loss rate may be affected versus giving people the assets to keep, or better yet, providing the stipend.

unfortunately there is not a solution fitting all scenarios. On other hand, different approach might be taken in function of the organization priority. If the priority is to keep the process as simple as possible, stipend is definitively the winner.