Three Reasons to Embrace a Circular Economy

Today, the circular economy has reached a tipping point, with multiple factors bringing ‘zero waste’ to the top of sustainability priorities. A “linear” economy is based on a ‘take-make-waste’ model: we TAKE natural resources to MAKE products and when we’re done using them, we dispose of them as WASTE. Allowing valuable products and materials to simply be disposed of rather than reused is inherently wasteful. In contrast, a circular economy aims to remove the concept of waste altogether. By reducing the number of materials used, keeping those we use in circulation for as long as possible through repair, reuse or recycling, steering away from toxic or non-recyclable materials, and allowing nature to regenerate, we can move toward a ‘take-make-take-make-take-make’ model.

So why should we be excited about the circular economy? You can find out here:

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