Watch out for SMS fraud!

Phishing and smishing, often known as SMS fraud, affected 73% of businesses worldwide in the previous year.

Every day, more than 3.5 billion mobile phones receive fake SMS messages demanding users to update their account information. These messages pose as communications from banks, e-commerce sites, digital platform content sites, etc.

Phishing messages, emergency messages, prize and sweepstakes messages, and emergency messages are common forms of SMS fraud that enable attackers to trick consumers with phony SMS messages to get personal information or take their money.

To prevent SMS fraud and safeguard our funds and information, we should;

  • Verify the source of any strange numbers in the SMS,
  • Avoid clicking on dubious links in the SMS,
  • Not to reply to SMS messages with personal or financial information,
  • Not to rely on sweepstakes, discounts, and prizes that must be redeemed right away,
  • Not to panic and divulge information when you receive an emergency message,
  • Be sure to follow your Information Security Policies when working.
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This is a good reminder - we had a wave of this come through our phones around the office – nobody made the mistake of trusting it thankfully, but it’s a good reminder that we all need to have our guard up. Lots of bad actors out there.