Best Process to Track/Locate Missing Asset

Hi Team,
Am new to Asset Management, but have been tasked with writing a process for Asset under investigation. which is a process to locate Asset that haven’t been on the network for more than 90 days and the last know user has left the organization.

Can you kindly advise, what the best process is being implement in your companies and what the results currently are.

I believe most of the asset are left in cupboard waiting for the next employee, but get forgotten and not returned to the HAM team.


Welcome to ITAM! Glad you’re here.

In the spirit of me not diving deep and complex into this for you I’ll offer some suggestions, also not knowing your environment, etc. These are my opinions, others here may weigh in with theirs to get you where you need to be

1 Have a process document for the entire lifecycle of these assets, ability to track in CMDB with status, updates, etc. Create a flow chart
2. For your assets under investigation I would not wait 90 days, instead determine a logical date that determines when an asset has breached the threshold, you’ll have a higher chance of finding the asset or someone knowing about it
3. Assign custodial ownership, if for example you use Employee bumping the employee list up against your inventory on some cycle (automated if possible) will trigger when ownership is in question and needs investigated (like terminations, moves between departments, states, countries, etc.
4 Create exception reporting to trigger when you go on the hunt for the missing device

Keep it simple in the beginning, managing 1,000 assets will have different processes automation than tracking 100,000 or more but all have similar core processes whether automated or not. The process must detect the exceptions, be communicated to the proper groups and understood, have accountability and supported by management otherwise it’s just a guideline and most won’t follow it.

Toss your questions out, I or someone here will certainly help put more color to the procedure you seek