Recently Discovered Devices


I am new to my ITAM role specifically in HAM. One of the issues I have seen is that a device is marked Missing in the service now repository and the device is being discovered by the SCCM tool. I found an ad hoc process on how to handle this issue. It says that, if you find assets that are in the missing state, and the device has been recently discovered, you should change the state to in use.

Is this best practice? If it’s marked missing, but the device has been discovered, why mark it missing in the first place?

@dinamac01 - in the world of hardware asset management and all it’s processes, there will always be some disconnect between a discovery tool vs. status in a repository.

I would agree that if a device is discovered and the status is not correct to update the device status as ‘In Use’

The status may be incorrectly selected by the tech person or a process not being followed.

Some questions: is there a process around discovery updates by the tool vs. manual updates by the client/workstation teams?


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