Fiscal Budgets Unlocking?

Well here we are, half way into Q1 for 2024 – you know what that means – your annual corporate budgets have started to get final approval - and now your partner teams are starting to obtain fresh quotes and issue purchase orders for all kinds of new investments across your organization. Equipment is showing up on your docks, and there are boxes everywhere!

How does that impact you?

Do your partner teams already know that you are very knowledgable about all manner of hardware & software acquision activities, and that by including you now, at the beginning, you can more easily include all this new equipment into your Asset program?

Do you have a good relationship with your Purchasing team? Are they including you in some of the key conversations so you can help influence the quality of the vendor that’s chosen or the reliability of the equipment?

Did your partner teams also get the go-ahead to finally dispose of all that old gear they were hoarding until the new equipment arrived? Do they know they have a disposal process they need to follow?

Lots and lots of new opportunities every year for us in Asset Management! The asset lifecycle never really stops - most organizations are too complex for it to ever be a simple repetition.

Are you seeing new questions, new areas in 2024 that you need help with getting started on?

Don’t hesitate to ask – we’re here to help!


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I am just trying to prepare some Tier 1 vendor renewals. There are always questions: save money or use one of the new fancy feature :smiley: The best approached what I have taken recently is to implement use-or-loose policy and cancel these licenses and negotiate the fancy new feature in the contract…Eventually the contract is still going to be a bit more expensive, but not as strongly as otherwise would be.

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