Annual Fiscal Planning Season - How can we help?

The seasons are changing and it’s now the Fall, which means it is a busy time for many asset managers, including our members I’m certain.

To say the obvious we’re in the middle of one of the most common Annual Fiscal Planning timeframes that all businesses experience. This means that it’s also a time for ITAM to shine! You’ve spent the last year improving your data, implementing and tuning your processes, and helping to influence many in the organization. You know the costs, the benefits of your data, and now our businesses can take a crack at using your work to make better decisions for the next year.

Everyone one of our members is in a different place in their cycle - some folks are still new to the asset management discipline, and some of our more experienced members may be experiencing new challenges. That’s the thing about Power Skills but also other areas of the board- and why we love to have this kind of community – So I want to put this out to everyone,

What challenges are you experiencing this year that is different than you expected? What trends are you seeing from your stakeholders?

How can we Ambassadors, or others in the community help you?


Thanks for the timely post James! The annual fiscal planning season is always a hectic time of year. I appreciate you highlighting the importance of IT asset management during this period.

I know of some orgs. facing some new challenges this year compared to previous cycles. There seems to be increased scrutiny on IT spending from the CFO’s office. Companies are now being asked to provide more detailed cost-benefit analyses for hardware and software renewals. There is also pressure to find ways to optimize our technology footprint and reduce costs.

I’d be interested to hear if others are experiencing similar trends with stakeholders. It would be great to get tips on how to effectively communicate the value of IT investments. As we advocate for adequate ITAM funding, being able to quantify the hard and soft benefits is key.

This is a great community to lean on during busy seasons like this. I look forward to continuing the discussion on how we can help each other navigate annual planning and build partnerships across our organizations. Please feel free to chime in with advice!

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This year VMware become the black sheep of Budget planning for many organization. Annual price increase is expected, but 2-4 times higher costs instantly for a Tier 1 vendors, makes some challenges.

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