ITAM Governance model

Does anyone have a governance model they’d be willing to share for holistic governance across hardware and licensing? Interested in both traditional models that leverage charter, RACI, and governance board and more light-weight, modern models.

I have the traditional model in place. I’m finding that with a fairly solid program (of course there’s always room for improvement!), interest from upper management has waned in attending governance meetings without having big, flashy problems to solve, so I’m looking to shake up our approach and would appreciate knowing what’s working for others.

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Sounds like your objectives are not aligned to those of the business, apologies if blunt, I don’t have much to go on.
I’m also being realistic - different orgs that I’ve worked at have different drivers. E.g. financial incentives worked in my previous company, whereas regulatory risk drives my current one and my SAM programme was adapted to suit the drivers. Needless to say I don’t do SAM for SAM’s sake and some elements of SAM definitely do not feature as they don’t provide any value to the environment I happen to be in. I believe in SAM best practice, but one size doesn’t always fit all.
I’d suggest a reframe based on what gives value.
So if financial - storyboard non-compliance impacts from potential audits, real costs of obsolescence especially with extended support costs and forecasts around AS IS, remediation OPTION 1, OPTION 2,3,4 etc.
If regulatory - storyboard risks of what part of your estate is contributing to non compliance to regulation and stamp a timeline to remediate. Want to remediate faster? invest in resource.