Hardware Asset Tagging Technologies and Techniques

There are a whole host of technologies and approaches for physical IT Asset Tagging.

They range from DIY stickers to RFID tags with QR or Barcodes that can track your Assets as they move or leave your offices.

Which approach do you go for, and do you think IT Asset Tagging is important?

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IMO, Companies that don’t do anything are either ignorant to the risks or have so much money they don’t care about wasted money on Tech or possible fines for getting things wrong, or maybe both! The current move to working from home may start to bite these Companies if they have no clue how much Tech went home and how much may end up coming back again. I have already seen kit that we don’t traditionally tag being sent to end users homes in the last year and I highly suspect some of this has not been documented as IT have assumed it will be returned.

For those who want to do something, the question is often cost vs risk, which then often equates to humans vs technology and the choice may also be swayed by the industry that you work in. My experience is a one size approach doesn’t always work, especially if you have assets which on the surface have the same value (cost of the kit) but have significantly more because of the software they contain or the work they are used for. Over the years I have been involved in discussions ranging from door and window scanners, onboard tracking tech, stickers, tags, and even bag checks!

Whatever decision is made, its success is ultimately dependent on the supporting processes you have in place and the frequently you ‘audit’ these processes are working for you.