Help negotiating enterprise-wide licensing terms with ESRI

One of our members would like some help in their company’s negotiations with ESRI, with regards to their GIS software. Please let me know if any of you could offer any assistance?

Below some more details:

Our company, XXXX, uses ESRI’s GIS software and has been struggling to negotiate better enterprise-wide licensing terms due to ESRI’s localized franchise model.

XXXX has to negotiate with separate ESRI entities in each country, which prohibits consolidated agreements across countries. With ESRI’s dominant market position, XXXX’s leverage is limited.

On XXX’s behalf, I’m wondering if any members here have experience successfully negotiating multi-country agreements with ESRI and could share any strategies or insights that have worked to get better pricing and terms at an enterprise level? Any advice would be much appreciated before XXXX enters into their next round of negotiations.

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When I did some research on how I can help with this subject, I saw that OpenLM can manage the license management of this product. I contacted my friend at OpenLM and got the following answer. If it is also ok for you, I can give you contact information for you to meet directly. I got approval from her.

Hi Mustafa
I spoke with my colleagues,
We can help you by understanding the usage of the application and this will help you to reduce the cost.

  1. knowing who is pulling which license
  2. knowing, who is actually using it, or maybe keeping it idle
  3. harvesting in network licensing and doing automatic allocations in named users

I think is best to have a short meeting 20-30 min.
You can explain in details your issues and will resolve it together.

Can you share 2 options when is a good time for you to meet?

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Thank you so much, Mustafa! Let me get back to you on this :slight_smile:

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