SAS JMP Multi-entity usage

Does anybody has experience with discussing multi-entity usage with JMP?

  • T & C
  • Pricing
  • other possibilities?

I would love to hear feedback from other organisations.

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I don’t use JMP per se, but I use statistical analysis software.
What are the exact questions about Multi-entity usage (is the question about compliance) ?
And what kind of analysis are you looking to do?

Hi Marco, this question is indeed about compliance.

A multi-entity agreement permits organisations to use license across entities. Currently I’m looking for people with knowledge with this kind of agreement.

  • How does it work in practice?
  • What was the pricing model applied for your organisation? Price per license? Lump sum?

Hope this makes sense.

We currently have a multi-entity agreement for SAS (includes multiple SAS products but does not include JMP) and additionally two single-entity contracts for SAS JMP. We are a university system with several campuses, with each campus sometimes considered its own entity. We do not have a negotiated agreement for just JMP; we have a SAS Master License Agreement that governs the T&C’s. Since the JMP contract rolls up to the SAS MLA, the T&C’s for JMP are governed by the SAS MLA but not the licenses - those are in the individual JMP contracts (two separate ones for two separate campuses). We purchase the JMP Academic Suite (unlimited use) so the ELP is not applicable to JMP. We are an academic institution so I’m not sure the pricing is relevant to others - there’s a steep academic discount.

In terms of pricing model, for SAS products we also have unlimited use but I think this provision speaks to the pricing metric:

6.1. Pricing Metrics.6.1.1. PC Use - The Software license fee is based on the greater of either (i) the total number of Users (not concurrent) authorized to access the Software or (ii) the total number of personal computers on which the Software will be installed and available for processing on the designated operating system.

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Thanks for your feedback Dan!

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