Java Subscription Optimization

Has anyone adopted optimization techniques to minimize their subscriptions? Some of my that come top of mind are:

  1. Identify low demand VM’s within high compute density cluster / vCenter spaces…move if possible to Cloud or consolidate to physical or lower compute vCenter.
  2. Adopt Azul in Aure where it is free supported by Microsoft, and back end supported by Azul. Claim is it is drop in when used vs Commercial Java).
  3. Adopt Corretto in AWS, similar opportunity in item #2
  4. General adoption of OpenJDK in lieu of commercial Java
  5. Identify applications that have demand but covered by supported agreement that entitles use of commercial Java. Mostly this pertains to Oracle supported apps but I have seen cases where non Oracle agreements contain this language as well providing benefit.

Would love to hear others opinions ideas towards optimization or cost avoidance


Hi Bryant,
from my perspective you addressed the common way to rationalize the Java deployment landscape.
My suggestion would be additionally to restrict/block direct Oracle Java download page, redirecting the demand to your internal ITSM system (i.e correspodning Service Now request), so the requests can be verified and potentially re-platformed to one of the mentoned by you alternative options (Open JDK/Azule/Cornetto). It should also allow to limit the “uncontrolled” growth of Jave footprint in your environment.

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Great add! regarding proactive management of the download. Internally we debated around the approach for this. Currently working process and approvals to invoke.