Replacing Oracle Java

Have you replaced Oracle Java in response to the subscription changes? What options did you look at, eg Redhat, Azul? What issues and limitations did you encounter with alternatives?
Looking for real life user stories, advice and recommendations please

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I worked with a customer who took up the RedHat option, as I understand it they needed to change the binaries but the support costs (which is essentially what red hat and Oracle is) were significantly reduced plus obviously you get the RedHat enterprise hardened support. I wasn’t fully involved in the implementation of it though.

All customers I have worked with went with OpenJDK after testing it against their JRE applications.
Some simply decided to stay on a JRE build that was released before the subscription initiative; however, these were mainly on isolated devices or ones in secure areas that had no internet or other network connectivity (silo network).

Re: OpenJDK - did your customers find that was a decent alternative for Java? Did they have any restrictions or “things they couldn’t do” that they could with Java?

I have a client currently looking primarily at OpenJDK as the replacement, but keen to understand from a technical standpoint what could potentially go wrong. Not much testing on our side has been done so far either to be honest! The unknown :rofl:

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@SAMBeast They never mentioned if it was painful or not, simply that for applications that could not be replaced with viable alternatives, they chose to use OpenJDK after testing it against them.

Even if we are Oracle partner, we decided to establish a partnership with Azul. It looks to be the most credible solution currently. As Azul partner we can organize a technical presentation and send you few information sheet about the solution if it could help.

AdoptOpen JDK is what we are using to replace Oracle Java


In Process. Consider Azul where Azure is concerned. Comes with your subscription supported by Microsoft with Azul as the backend support. Nice benefit

Microsoft Azure - Azul Java

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