Installing ILMT Server on CENTOS?


Does anyone know or have details on the libraries needed to install ILMT onto Centos? I am totally aware that the only “official” linux variant that is certified by IBM is RHEL 6-8 but since CentOS is pretty much the same as RHEL I’ve got to assume it’s possible.

Anyways, any help or ideas would be great. Else, I may play around with it and write a “non-official” installation guide :wink:

I am sorry, I have no ideas or particular help for Centos.
But I want you to keep in mind that in case of an audit, your ILMT reports easily can be refused by IBM if you deploy ILMT on a non eligible OS.
Commonly, if there are no issues in your reports besides of Centos, it may be fine for them. But if there are some unusual peaks (maybe due to migrations), bundling errors or any other misconfigurations, it makes it much harder to discuss with IBM, when it is deployed not on an eligible OS.
So my recommendation is to configure your ILMT environment strictly according to IBM terms.
Stephan :upside_down_face: