Oracle Inventory Tools

I’d like to hear from the group on who you feel is the best Oracle Inventory tool in the market? One that goes beyond just Product, Version, Edition, and gets deep into options packs, report on usage and ranks highest marks in your opinion as being dependable, easy to deploy and manage approach.

We have one today, Flexera, where we’ve been maturing the data for couple years but scores low as being a sustainable easy to manage tool. Requires high overhead in resources, constant engineering support, patching, and dare I say a lot of manual intervention work in order to know exactly what is running in our estate. Somedays I do wonder if returning to email campaigns would be more productive (Kidding somewhat).

What breakthroughs have you made in managing the inventory, discovery mechanics. Or a tool that just works and you can share



Sounds like you are running it on-premise. Have you considered migrating to a SaaS based solution? Reading your post reminded me of some of the challenges I’ve seen before where majority of the challenges you are experiencing have been eliminated by moving to SaaS.

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Yes, challenges though are not with the core infrastructure instead with discovery and accurate introspection itself. If SAM tool is cloud based still requires the native agent + some form of introspection query to elicit the options, details, etc.

I’m seeking what is better, more reliable, easier to mange. We’re constantly chasing issues with the agents, not working correctly, needing hot fixes, bugs, etc.

Hope that helps narrow down where I’m seeking feedback

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