Last Inventory Date - Thresholds

We’re working to refine our last inventory date policy for both on premise and cloud devices. Historically we’ve used a 30 day last scanned + CMDB Hardware Status = “Installed”. If after 30 days the inventory remains at “Installed” vs Pending Decommission, Retired, etc we look into cause for stale inventory

For cloud (and reason for this post), VM’s are parked frequently, holding software for which we must cover. Sometimes they can be parked, i.e. Stopped or deallocated. This is due to only needing them to run monthly or quarterly cycles for business operations. For this we’ve considered a 90 day window + the CMDB status = Installed. If after 90 days we then begin the review to determine the status

The intent is to NOT remove inventory that has or had software on it that we are allocating licenses for parked VM’s that will come back online to perform their business operations, then revert to parked.

What are others opinions here for cloud inventory thresholds?