PO Data into the SAM for License and Compliance Positions

I am doing a survey to see how long it takes you to import all the PO data into the SAM system? I am trying to determine if it is worth while to automate this process. Please let me know.


Just to be picky, you should be using invoice data from the supplier, and not PO data generated by the company (client).

By using the supplierā€™s invoice data, you are able to capture the SKU ( Stock Keeping Unit) of the vendor of the software/hardware ( and donā€™t confuse that with a similar SKU of the reseller/distributor). This data may not appear in a PO.

These SKUs give you the ability to create and audit-path of a specific ā€˜packagingā€™ of the vendorā€™s product, and that packaging may have different usage rights.

And when it comes to ā€˜automationā€™, understand that you will have to normalise & categoriseā€™ the records to ensure that certain noise is eliminated from your analysis. Many vendors have SKUs ( records) for associated media, documentation, supportā€¦ as well as the product.

Lastly, you have to create a ā€˜connectorā€™ between the INVOICE Product and the INVENTORY product; of which you can not assume will be identical ( or even similar; consider Microsoft Skype for business!)

So, the time to import is relatively short, itā€™s the effort of data ā€˜processingā€™ in which the devil is in the details.

If you happen to be the same Lisa Kreutz from Flexera, I would suggest you reach out to Matt Marnell (Colorado) who just re-joined Flexera a few months ago or Mark Bradley (Chicago) with the complex nuances of managing purchase data. I donā€™t think they are on this forum, but they have years of hands-on experience and could give you some ā€˜Flexera-centricā€™ responses as well.

Steve from AssetLabs

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We do it weekly via dropped file from resellers. Small effort well worth it, requires some getting data structured (organized). Working with reseller should get you there. Agree on Steveā€™s points regarding attributes not readily available within the corporate procurement systems

We have an automated feed from our procurement system, which as noted (at least for larger contracts), lacks a lot of the details such as line-item level/unit cost/SKUs. Thereā€™s value in having that; at least we know what was purchased and can go chase down the details and build out the finer points manually.

Yes, sementic for sure. And yes, I do realize about the connector, but was only curious about the inital load of the invoice data with the SKU, not subsequent data feed from the procurement system.

Thanks Steve!