I am curious about Software Asset Management Outsourcing

I’ve noticed that SAM solutions are focused on managing inventory and measuring utilization as a means of driving optimization savings. And I have also noted a trend that suggest the the SAM provider may also offer outsource functions related to assisting the end-user in optimizing the licensing. I am assuming that means supporting removals. What I am not seeing is any mention of invoice audit, review or processing.

I suspect that has not been developed by the providers because that is whole different kind of cost and development effort. It also may have a lot to do with license invoices typically being annual as opposed to monthly.

My concern here is two fold. I have been in the IT spend management for three decades (though primarily Telecom) and I see the purported savings as an “Opportunity”, But I also see the exclusion of the Invoice piece as a red-flag issue for Internal Auditors given the cost involved. Would like to have some discussion around this issue.

Steve Perkins

Steve, I see invoice reconciliation as a key part of the reconciliation process as offered by partners delivering managed services. Typically, SAM specialists would delivery a task list of removals or config changes based on their work, so sometimes the success of the SAM partner is based on their ability to work successfully with internal stakeholders.

That is kind of what I see emerging as well. I think SAM and ITAM ought to thrive if they can figure out the details on collaborating with third parties on the invoice piece for sure. But my sense of it is that for it to work well the breadth of portfolio has to be more than just Oracle or Office 365.