Asset Standards Templates

Greetings all,

Either my Google skills are in a state of horrible atrophy or the web does not wish to divulge its cache of high-quality Asset Standards templates. Do any of you or your respective agencies have template documents you’d be willing to share? My team is undergoing a comprehensive documentation review and we’re really pushing to make sure all of our standards - hardware, software, network, security, etc. - are up-to-date. Cheers!

Ruxton Schuh
Sr. IT Asset Coordinator
City of Eugene

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Hi Ruxton,

There are a number of ways to search for this. I know that within the ITAM Review there are generic workflows that you can use/tweak for your organization.

You can also look at SAM charter at:

They have a ton of workflows. Other ways is to search for the specific workflows, there are generic ones out there and specific workflows to an org where you will have to modify them.

My ITAM Forum compatriots can chime in with other suggestions



Thanks James! I’ll check out the resources you mention and I’ll be sure to share what we come up with. Cheers!

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