Help! - Title for upcoming ITAM/UM Lunch & Learn session

Hello fellow ITAMers…i’m hosting an internal “Lunch & Learn” session in our next Quarterly Planning event and want to come up with a punchy title to encourage resources to attend.

The purpose of the session is to discuss friction points but also to provide a bit of training and awareness of what ITAM/UM are doing for them. We all know ITAM can be a dry subject…so over to you what do you think.

No prizes but massive kudos from me :slight_smile:


It’s tough to know what to recommend here as we don’t know your internal culture or spirit of the organisation.
I would do something light hearted and hopefully fun (which will make it memorable). Focussing on what is ITAM, what’s in it for me (why should I care?) and how it helps the current goals of the department / company.

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