Pulling End of Life (EOL) data from Flexera into ServiceNow

We are interested in pulling EOL data from FNMS into ServiceNow. Has anyone successfully managed to do this?

Yes, we have connected a number of systems into ServiceNow. Generally we rely on the information from Flexera’s IT Visibility (Technopedia product) for End of Life information and pump this into ServiceNow, is that what you had in mind?

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I’ve seen a few clients after this too. Don’t you need an extra subscription within Flexera to get the EoL data in the first place?


No I have it in my instance and no subscription. However it’s limited on number of publishers, products they populate, worst yet is you can’t edit those that are null with your static information. As you mention you could subscribe to another one of their products. Not worth in my opinion as I am bringing it over into ServiceNOW, editing there to avoid their a la carte up sell

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Hi @david.muncaster,

you’ve two options with Flexera:

  • Purchase the Service Life Data Pack for FNMS
  • Data Platform Subscription with the End of Life Content Pack and other features/information (e.g. Normalization, Security)

or … switch to ServiceNow SAM Pro :stuck_out_tongue:


Must admit, one of my clients wants to do this at the moment and are being quoted for the service. They are looking to move away from Flexera this year though in favour of embracing all ServiceNow has to offer from an ITAM perspective (SAM Pro, HAM Module and extra custom developments).

They don’t want to put the effort into a tool they are potentially decommissioning, so have (for now) added a custom field in Service Now (core ITSM, no extra HAM or SAM) and researched EoL for the main software applications based on criticality levels.

You should advise the customer to compare the data coverage and completeness of both inventory and EOL/EOS data from Flexera and ServiceNow by running both discovery methods on same devices, comparing the results and manually validate discrepancies. :slight_smile: Should be an interesting outcome.