SAM Pro and OpenLM - anyone else having issues?

Hi all, we are trying to connect our ServiceNow SAM-Pro module to the OpenLM environment. Unfortunatley this is still not working. There was an issue with OpenLM, they made an adjustment, but still the connection can not be made. Anyone else having this issue? Or maybe solved the issue already?

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Following this topic. OpenLM user, Not totally sold yet on SAM Pro but have been monitoring over the years.

Hi @RickvH - were you able to solve your issue?

Found some helpful links that might interest you:

What ServiceNow release is the company on?


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Hi @JamesM,

Thanks for reaching out and the links, I will look in to these.

No it is still not working. Unfortunatley this is not in my onwn hands. I am the end-user of the SAM Pro tool. Right now ServiceNow is digging in, but they are not able to find the issue yet…

We have release version Rome running.

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